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Fairfield University offers numerous online graduate programs that fit your life. Find the program that meets your unique goals and request more information on the form above to get any questions you have answered.

Fairfield University’s programs typically have fall, spring, and/or summer starts. Consult the program pages to see available start terms and choose the best option for you.

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The admissions committee will review your application package.


Admissions interview – interviews are program dependent. Programs may also request an interview from applicants with less than a 3.0 GPA or if they need to evaluate the program meeting their desired career goals.


A decision is rendered, and the applicant is notified.


If accepted into the program, we recommend planning/securing funding. If you need assistance, contact the Financial Aid Office.

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Move forward with a purposeful graduate education. We offer small online classes and one-on-one attention from expert faculty, so you can confidently navigate what’s next in your career in an engaging, supportive environment. Our programs have everything you expect from an esteemed education – online.
Fairfield Mission

Visionary by nature.
Jesuit Catholic by origin.
The driving force of Fairfield is our mission — to impact the world. It prompts us to ask important questions, to embrace our social responsibilities, and to lead by example. And it’s what has made us a premier institution in the Northeast. Let the mission be part of your journey.

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