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Why Fairfield University?

Fairfield University provides industry-leading graduate degrees through our engaging online learning environment. Our supportive faculty offers one-on-one attention, and our vast industry and alumni network empowers you to make genuine connections and gain the educational tools to move your career forward. Our online programs are designed for full-time and part-time students who want to make an impact while benefitting from an education with a Return on Investment (ROI).

Why Choose Fairfield’s Online Programs?

Immersive education to advance your career.

Flexible online education to meet your goals.

Renowned faculty offering individualized support.

Extensive network supporting your growth.

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The University of Difference

Fairfield University provides a relevant education with real-world context empowering you to meet your goals and make an impact in the world. We take pride in offering our students:

In Their Words

We Prepare Students to Become Leaders

"It's a more intimate experience with your professors. They keep in touch with you and want to see you advance. It's really that dynamic and that environment in the classroom that definitely helps me learn the content and helps it stick."
— Brandon Borsanyi
College of Business Graduate
"Fairfield offers high level education in a setting that makes you really feel part of the community. I mostly appreciate the approachability of the instructors and their constant help and support. The idea that I am doing something to further advance my knowledge and skills has given me a renewed enthusiasm."
— Francesca Lirosi, MD
Current College of Nursing & Health Sciences Student
"The content of the coursework is excellent. The classes are rigorous and I also enjoy being able to connect with the career center and participate in career fairs. I love the fact that I can adapt the schedule to my work life."
— Leticia Schwartz
Current College of Arts & Sciences Student
Fairfield Mission

Visionary by nature.
Jesuit Catholic by origin.
The driving force of Fairfield is our mission — to impact the world. It prompts us to ask important questions, to embrace our social responsibilities, and to lead by example. And it’s what has made us a premier institution in the Northeast. Let the mission be part of your journey.

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